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Roaster of the Month Nov-22

Welcome to the DISCORD Espresso CLUB

Welcoming everyone on the channel to Moksha Coffee Roasting. We are a 3rd wave coffee roaster in the Bay Area, CA and in business since 2004. Roasting is our passion and hopefully you will appreciate everything that went into roasting the espresso for you all this month. Feel free to read more about our history on the site. If there is any interest in other coffees on the site, feel free to email us and I will setup something special for the group this month.

I have always been looking for unique coffees around the world and about a couple of months ago I came across something very unique from Colombia, The Mistico Bourbon.

Variety: Pink Bourbon, Red Borbon, Yellow Bourbon, and Taby
Region: Huila, Colombia
Harvest: June-August | October- January
Altitude: 1700 – 1900 masl
Soil: Volcanic loam
Process: One of the most complex coffee processing steps used in the Huila region involving one part terroir (from the coveted region of Huila), one part processing innovation (prolonged fermentation), and one part small farm collaboration (the backbone of Colombian production). This unique processing flow has evolved over the years with efforts from 50 producers committed to following a specific processing protocol (prolonged fermented) to draw-out a pronounced fruit forward profile. Each producer used their own micro-mill, carefully harvested cherries, depulped and then fermented in sealed tanks for 50 hours. After this prolonged process of fermenting, the coffee was washed and then gently dried on raised beds. The harmony between these producers in post-harvest practices was impressively precise to achieve such a clean and consistent blend.
Our Cupping notes: In the cup this is a very clean full bodied cup, starting of with strong fruit notes of grape, apricot, melon. As the cup cools stronger notes of dark chocolate and nuts begin to dominate but the cup keeps its mouthfeel without any tarness
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Mystery COFFEE of the MONTH

Can’t wait to reveal this one. Again, hopefully something new for you.


Use the coupon “rotmship” for discounted shipping on checkout.

So, hopefully we get to chat more over on the Discord channel. For anyone wanting to send us messages via email, you can do it via